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Welcome to Chiropractic Information Services, Inc.

Welcome to Chiropractic Information Services, Inc.

The Connecticut Chiropractic Network (CCN), a Chiropractic Independent Physician Association (IPA), was founded in 1990 to maintain patient access to quality Chiropractic Health Care. The creation of CCN was in response to the changing environment of the managed care movement. Over the years, the panel grew from the original 17 to over 380 Chiropractic Physicians all located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. As the Affordable Care Act has drastically changed the health care delivery system, CCN also found it needed to change our focus in order to maintain the core values our providers embrace. These values we feel are integral to providing quality care which often are ignored or forgotten with the changes in many of the health care contracts patients and providers are being offered today. 

The providers of CCN strive to provide individualized care to our patients and to improve the access and quality of care that our patients are entitled to. To achieve this we commit ourselves to the patients and their healthy decisions.

Our core values remain;


      • The patient is a participant rather than just a recipient of health care services and therefore the patient must be engaged and take an ownership position of their health care needs.
      •  The Doctor of Chiropractic with the patient must be empowered to determine the needs of the patients.

      • The Doctor of Chiropractic must treat the patient based upon clinical need and provide services only when there is an expectation of measurable clinical response.

We at CCN are currently developing a new patient focused website dedicated to provide quality information for allowing patients to make value, healthy and informed choices. We are confident that when the new website is launched, patients everywhere will be able to better make sound informed decisions regarding their health care options. As the health care environment is changing, you the consumer are faced with increasing costs while your insurance is decreasing benefits. Your decision should be based on accurate and clear information to help make an informed choice. We are confident you will see the value of chiropractic in your healthy lifestyles.




Chiropractic Informational Services, Inc. (CISINC) was created by 16 dedicated doctors of Chiropractic in 2015  to promote evidenced based, individualized care for our patients and to improve the access and quality of care to those in need. 



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